Marble Cleaners

How to Clean Marble

Floors, countertops, walls or any other part of your home made with marble tiles or stone really give a distinctive look to your home. Nevertheless, the major problem when you have marbles at home is how to maintain them beautiful and natural. Marble is a kind of natural stone, it was actually formed through a high level of heat and temperature. Moreover, marble is incorporated with some natural elements that make them shiny, sparkling and brilliant. Dull marbles can be cleaned however it Marble Cleaners requires some cautions. Improper cleaning methods can actually reduce the quality of the marbles. But, keep in mind that along with the right tips and extra effort, you can really make your marble look beautiful and clean again. Below are some tips on how to clean marbles at home.

 1. In case your marble is affected by liquid spills, just wipe it right away. Use a clean and damp cloth. Clean it right away because the more you let the spill sit on the marble, the more stubborn it become.

 2. Always use a wet clean rag. Thereafter, you can buff-dry the marble with the use of a chamois cloth.

 3. In order to eradicate older or stubborn stains on marble surface, simply apply an ample amount of marble cleaner product. Choose a safe, mild, gentle and a product with neutral pH level. Avoid using strong chemical because it can only cause more damages on the marble. Do not use vinegar because acid is not helpful for your marble cleaning job.

 4. You can use a dishwashing liquid but dilute it with some parts of clean, warm water. Get a soft sponge and dip it to the solution. Clean the affected areas and buff-dry after with a chamois cloth.

 5. For extra shine effect, simply polish the marble with the use of a marble polisher product.

 6. Marble rust stains must be cleaned by means of any good rust stain remover. On the other hand, do not allow the rust remover to sit for several minutes on the marble.

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 7. To treat organic stains such as coffee, tea, soda and juice, clean it with a few drops of ammonia mixed with at least 20 percent of peroxide.

 8. On the other hand, if oil stains are bothering you, just simple put some absorbent fine powder on the oil. You can use corn starch or baking soda. Let the powder sit for at leats 24 hours. Then, removed and clean the powder with a clean cloth. After cleaning the marbles at home, polish them for an extra shine.

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In case your marbles at home are seriously damaged and dull, it is best to contact a professional marble restoration company and let them give you the right procedures for your marbles.