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Marble Restoration Miami: Helpful Hints for Restoring Marble

Marble restoration of Miami is best done by professionals like us who has years of experience. Restoration is not something than cannot be done with a single action; instead it is a process that involves three steps namely cleaning, repair and polishing or buffing. When faced with a marble floor which has a dull surface, most homeowners think that all it needs is some cleaning. Apparently, this is not the right solution. Cleaning is great for dirty surfaces but for marble that has lost its deep shine, restoration is the answer.

Unlike limestone and granite which are both hard types of stone, marble is a soft stone. As time passes, it gets dull and scratches are very visible. The shine it had when it was newly installed might be gone by now. We know that this is a normal occurrence and we are delighted to educate our customers on what the stone surface really needs. Actually, marble must be polished to bring back the sheen it once had. Being experts in floor care, we can easily determine if the floor or countertop needs more than cleaning, thus needing restoration.

One of the mysteries of marble is that it can be mistaken for being dirty because it is not shiny. The truth is that it is not really filthy, the surface is only rough or full of scratches. The reflections are scattered on the coarse surface, giving the marble a dull look. On the other hand, a shiny surface is actually a smooth surface, reflecting the light from the sources producing a mirror-like, reflective effect. In conclusion, a dull marble simply needs some polishing and smoothing to bring back its reflective or glossy finish.

Restoring marble

The deep shine and high gloss of newly installed or polished marbles can be achieved. The surface is rubbed with abrasives of different levels, starting with rough or coarse ones and continuing on to finer abrasives. Polishing marble is almost the same as sanding wooden surfaces. First we rub the marble with coarse grit abrasives with an electric floor polishing machine. Then we use finer abrasives, moving to finer ones until the surface of the marble is very smooth. In the beginning, the deep and big scratches are removed by the coarse grit abrasives and towards the end of the polishing process, the fine scratches are eliminated by the fine grit abrasives. We continue rubbing or buffing the surface until we reach a point where the scratches cannot be seen by our naked eye.

Professional restoration is still the best solution

Marble-Flooring (28)

Marble can be made shiny by making the surface as smooth as possible. Marble restoration of Miami should be left to a floor care company like ours. The process requires skills, knowledge, experience as well as the best materials and equipment. Restoration is actually a practical choice because you get three deals in one package. Your marble is cleaned, repaired and then polished – with results that will last for a long time. Get in touch with us now.

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Marble Restoration Palm Beach: Addressing Marble Drawbacks

Marble has been a prime choice of homeowners because of its attractive appearance and the cool touch it elicits. It looks great whether it is installed on the floor or the countertop. Newly installed marble looks so perfect; it is smooth to the touch, has a lustrous shine, and has a deep gloss. However, with the passage of time and lack of care, over time you will surely notice some scratches, stains and worn-out patterns. The mentioned condition requires professional Marble Restoration of Palm Beach.

It is a common misconception that marble does not need to be maintained meticulously because it is a natural stone. Even if it is indeed hard and solid, marble still needs to be cleaned regularly and has to be repaired in case of damage. As a stone floor care company, we have observed that this is one of the greatest mistakes that homeowners commit. As a result, marble surface turns dull, or worse, it deteriorates.

In addition to thinking that marble is maintenance-free, people also use the wrong methods and chemicals. Even if you have the best intentions, it is essential to have the information or knowledge before beginning any marble cleaning or polishing. With the wrong materials and techniques, you could end up ruining the marble instead of restoring it.

By the way, the surface shine of marble is made possible by crystals in the stone. It will not reflect light evenly if it has become dull, broken or crushed. The broken crystals can be compared to the broken lens of a flashlight which will not be able to reflect the light that comes from the bulb.

Problems Encountered

Foot traffic is the main cause of the dulling of marble, and it is not the heels of shoes that could damage the crystals, rather it is the rough dirt and oils that comes with the shoes. Apparently, the crushing impact is further increased due to the pressure being created by the person’s weight.

Substances that contain acid can ruin your marble floor or countertop. What’s more, some cleaning products, food, alcohol, and perfume can cause etching on the surface too. Aside from that, it can be stained quickly by spills if it is not properly sealed.

Restoration Solutions

In order to make the marble surface shiny again, the best thing to do is to make the crystals sharp. Honing and polishing are required which can only be accomplished by a floor care company like ours. Our artisans would put diamond abrasive pads at the bottom of the machine to make the surface of the marble smooth and clean. Moreover, honing can also remove light scratches and etches.

Marble-Flooring (23)For polishing procedure, this can be done by means of a buffing machine or an orbital machine. Instead of diamond pads, polishing pads are used and the abrasives that we use have finer grit. To give a uniform finish to the marble, we use polishing powder as the last step.

If your stone floor needs marble restoration of Palm Beach, give us a call and we will bring back its shine and beauty.

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Ft Lauderdale Marble Cleaning

Easy ways to Clean Marble

Marble incredibly adds life and color to any part of your home. This kind of stone is colourful, shiny and sparkling. Moreover, you can actually choose from their different lovely colors that can suits your style and living. However, when there are marbles in your home specifically marble floorings, you need to clean them regularly in order to keep them beautiful and shiny. Marble was actually formed by means of too high level of heat and temperature. In addition to that, this kind of stone is naturally incorporated with some minerals that make them shiny, sparkling and brilliant. But keep in mind that it is not impossible for them to be dull. Dull marbles at home must be properly clean and polish. Wrong procedures in cleaning them could only result to serious problems. It is very important to choose and use the only appropriate solution and cleaning agents for your marbles. There are some cleaning solutions containing abrasive chemicals that can only reduce the quality of the stone. Listed below are some basic tips on how to clean marbles especially marble floors at home.

marble polishing001 (22) marble polishing001 (18) marble polishing001 (12)

1. Clean liquid spills immediately. Simply clean the liquid and wipe the area right away. Make use of a clean and soft cloth. Do not allow the liquid to sit for several minutes because old stains are hard to remove.

2. Always use a wet clean rag or an old soft cloth. Afterwards, buff the marble floor if you have a buffing machine. Use a chamois cloth in wiping the marble floor.

3. If you are having difficulties removing stubborn stains, just apply an ample amount of any good marble cleaner product. You can get this in a local market. But, be certain to buy the safest and the mildest solution for your marbles at home. Do not use a product with acid content because this chemical is able to cause damages on the marble surface. Therefore, vinegar is definitely useless for your marble cleaning job.

marble polishing001 (9) marble polishing001 (11)

4. If a commercialized marble cleaner product is not available in your house, you can use dishwashing liquid to clean it. Dilute small amount of dishwashing liquid with some parts of water and gently wipe to clean the stains on the marbles. Thus, as much as possible use lukewarm water. In cleaning, use a soft sponge. Simple squeeze out the water and keep on cleaning the affected areas as needed.

5. To add more shine to the marble, polish it by using a marble polisher product.

6. On the other hand, marble rust stains are ought to be cleaned with the use of any trusted rust stain remover product. However, do not let the rust remover to stay long on the marble, this can have an effect to the stone.

In case oil stains are bothering you, just sparkle some amount of powder to the area. Wait for 24 hours. Clean the area with a clean dry cloth.

8. But if the marbles in your home seems so hard to deal with, it is best to just contact a professional marble restoration company and let them clean and polish your precious marbles at home. they are able to provide great services and right procedures to treat dull marbles.

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Marble Tiles Maintenance Fort Lauderdale

Tips for Maintaining Marble Tiles

Marble is a very beautiful stone and it can amazingly beautify any part of your home. However, if you want marbles in your home you should always remember that it is quite fragile and porous. The stone is mostly incorporated with calcium carbonate elements that makes them react quickly when exposed to some solution. This kind of stone is basically available in different colors. It has a very bright, shiny, sparkling and smooth surface which makes them so special and beautiful.

marble polishing001 (25)  marble polishing001 (24)

Maintaining marble is actually not that difficult, by means of cleaning and polishing them in a regular basis, you are actually reducing the risks of experiencing serious and severe marble damages and problems. In cleaning, you can use warm water, marble cleaner solution and a soft cloth or sponge. It is very essential to know or determine your own marbles at home. After cleaning dull marbles, it is good to put a light coat of wax but this is actually optional.

Today, many people are now choosing marble stones or tiles for their floors and walls. By means of correct and proper cleaning techniques you can upkeep and maintain them beautiful. Make sure that your marble floors are free from dirt, grime and other substances. Every day, clean the marbles by sweeping them. Use a soft-bristled broom or perhaps use vacuum.

marble polishing001 (2)  marble polishing001 (21)

Moreover, you should also know that loose dirt are also due to the people who are coming in and out of your home. For instance, if a friend has been walking on a sand or mud, and then will enter your home. His or her shoe is surely carrying some small substances that can cause small scratches on the floor. There are several cleaning products that can be used on your marbles at home, however the question here is; “is it safe and appropriate?” You can ask for a professional help by calling a marble restoration company. Before you use a product, be certain with the quality of the product as well as its content. Be sure that is has no acid content. Read and understand first the instructions guide before utilizing it.

On the other hand, there is no doubt of hiring the professionals when your marbles at home are currently experiencing severe damages. Also, if your do-it-yourself marble cleaning and polishing techniques seem not enough anymore then you need to hire experts then.


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Marble Repolishing Fort Lauderdale

Marble Repolishing

A home with marbles on floors, walls and on ceilings truly add a beautiful scenery to it. Regardless, if the marbles are installed in the counter top, bathroom, kitchen, sink or in the living room, marbles would be always perfect for it. But marbles should be treated properly in a regular basis so that its lust would last for a long time just like the first day it was freshly installed. Keeping it clean regularly will definitely enhance its beauty and natural characteristics. Basically, you can always find a way to keep your precious marbles at home always in its best condition.

marble polishing001 (10)  marble polishing001 (9)

1.   Regular Cleaning

This is actually the easiest step in keeping your marbles fresh and beautiful. In a regular basis, wipe the marbles in your home with medium-warm water. You can use a soft old towel or cloth to wipe on the marbles. Aside from that, using a light coat of wax for marbles is also helpful. Another alternative of in case there is no marble polishing solution available, simply prepare a hand-washing detergent with warm water.

2.   Polishing Marbles on Your Own

Cleaning the marbles at home can be an easy task for you but not the repolishing job. Marble floor repolishing needs to utilize a floor buffing machine, diamond spacer and sanding pads, several sponges and clean old cloth, and a plastic sheeting. Anything on the marble surfaces that can be damaged by water are ought to be sealed or covered. Strip or wax any sealer from the marble. Next is to put the space holders in place. You also need to sprinkle some amount of cold water on the marbles thus ensure that it is wet all throughout the grinding process. Wet vac the area after grinding it, this is to make sure that there no missed spots. Keep on repeating the process until all marble tiles were polished.

marble polishing001 (19)  marble polishing001 (13)

3.   Commercial Marble Polishing

On the other hand, if you think you cannot be a handyman to polish your marbles at home, you can still make them beautiful by just simply seeking the professionals and let them do the job for you. Seek professional help by calling a reliable company in your place. Today, there are a lot of professional companies who can provide excellent services. Invite them to visit your home and examine the dull marbles. They are willing to give a free estimation and check-up. The experts are also capable of giving extras for your own precious stones such as slip resistant as well as an extra gloss for more beautiful marble looks. Basically, for many house owner it is always a best option to hire the professionals because you are assured with the quality of their works.

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Polishing Marble Palm Beach

How to Polish and Clean Marble

Marble is a glittering stone that adds beauty where it is installed or applied. However, this precious stone has the potential to lose its shine, elegance and lust. When marbles are dull, they need proper treatment in order to bring back its natural shine and appearance. If you have marbles at home, make sure to maintain and keep them fresh and shiny. Actually, there are several simple techniques polishing the marbles thus retain their beauty and shine just like the first day they were installed in your home.

Steps on How to Polish Marbles at Home

Before you start to your do-it-yourself marble polishing job, it is important to clean the marble first. Doing this, you need to prepare a good solution. Make four cups of water and then dilute three tablespoons of baking soda. Next, clean the affected area very thoroughly and with gentle strokes. Use a clean and soft old cloth to avoid scratches on marbles. If finished, leave the area for some hours and wait to dry. Afterwards, it is ideal to polish the marbles with the use of any marble polishing product. But be sure to use the ideal polishing product that suits to the type of marbles you have in your home. On the other hand, if a polishing solution is not available you can make your own marble polishing solution. Simply follow the steps below:

marble polishing001 (25)  marble polishing001 (24)

1.   Crush a single white chalk until it become powdery. You can use a mortar and pestle or maybe a hammer.

2.   Now, sprinkle some amount of water to the chalk powder. Get a clean old cloth and softly wipe all the surface areas of the marbles.

3.   Repeat as necessary. If satisfied, just leave the chalk solution for about an hour until it becomes dry. Then wipe the marbles again after repeating the steps.

marble polishing001 (20)  marble polishing001 (21)

Techniques to Clean Marbles at Home

1.   Prepare a warm water and a clean cloth to wipe all over the marble top. You do not need too hot water but warm enough water that can get rid of the stains due to coffee, sodas and dusts and others. Rinse afterwards.

2.  Basically. Substances like the ammonia or hydrogen peroxide can be used for do-it-yourself marble cleaning.

marble polishing001 (15)  marble polishing001 (14)

3.  Some people actually recommend poultice treatment to eradicate marble stains and discolorations. Poultice are basically the materials which are formed by means of combining paper, limestone, whiting and etc. Thus these materials are being mixed to solvent hence can be used as marble polisher.

In cleaning and even polishing marbles at home keep in mind that it needs to follow safety precautions. First, wear protective suits like hand gloves as well as aprons. Plus, prevent the moisture by allowing the air to circulate within the place. Simply follow the rules to restore your marbles. But in case you are still not satisfied with the result, the best option is to contact a professional marble cleaning company.

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Professionally Clean Marble by Experts in Miami

Marble Cleaning

Marble is a natural stone and such a very beautiful material that can be used in designing a home or a building. But in order to keep them beautiful, you have to clean and take care of them properly. Their beauty and shine can last much longer if treated properly in a regular basis. Basically, there are many ways that you can do to maintain them in a good condition.

To be successful in marble cleaning, first you have to enjoy this task. Marble cleaning at home is not an easy task. It will need to acquire much of your time and effort. You can simply clean dirty and stained marbles with the use of wet soft cloth. Dampen the cloth with warm water. Choose soft cloth in wiping the marbles to avoid scratches. You can use liquid solution in treating stubborn stains on marble surfaces. In order to keep the marbles beautiful and shiny, get rid of the spills right away. Any kind of liquid spills should be removed immediately.

marble-polishing003 (11).marble-polishing003 (15)marble-polishing003 (9) marble-polishing003 (10)

In order to maintain your marble in top condition, you should wipe up spills immediately and use coasters on furniture made from marble so that rings and other stains can be avoided. Marble cleaning can actually be done at home with the use of some cleaning products and plain clean water. But for treating severe dull marbles or spills, you need professional approach which is better that using products. For severe marble problems such as discolorations and cracks it best to contact a professional marble cleaning company.

Hiring the experts is always the best solution in treating dull marbles because sometime using chemicals may not be enough. Wiping is not sufficient. The professionals will study and determine the exact characteristics of your marbles at home and from there, they will plan for the best procedure that will suit to the marble type. Sometime, using strong solutions and cleaning agents on marbles could cause several damages on them.

In cleaning the marbles, keep in mind not to use vinegar. Marbles are very sensitive when contacted to any liquid with acid content. Basic marble cleaning and polishing will definitely keep the marble clean but old stains should be treated by means of special techniques thus some techniques should be done by the professionals only.

Giving your own time and effort in cleaning dirty and dull marbles at home is actually not a bad idea. Hence, it is a way to maintain the beauty of the marbles. On the other hand, if you are facing serious problems on your marbles at home, do not hesitate to contact a professional marble restoration company and let them do their job and help you all throughout.

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Marble repair floor Ft lauderdale

Marble Floor Repair

Marble is a beautiful stone that can be used in constructing homes or any establishments. Basically, marbles can be applied in any area such as bathroom, living area, kitchen and others. But if they become dull and stained it loses its natural beauty. In this case, you need to repair or at least treat your marbles in order to make them beautiful again. Good thing today, there are so many ways that you can do to do marble floor repair and care.

Nevertheless, keep in mind that before you do any method of marble floor restoration, be sure to free the area from any form of dirt or dust. This is to protect the marble surface areas from any scratch or etches. Due to the fact that marble is such a porous stone, choose a very soft and bristle brush to get rid of the dusts on the marble top. Most house owner would just sweep the marble floor however, doing so cannot clean the area adequately. If you have finished cleaning the marble floors, polishing it must be followed immediately for best results. Generally, there are several marble floor polishing products that you can easily bought from nearest home improvement stores. Marble floor polishing is very important after marble cleaning to help cover some minor stains or cracks on the marble. But before using the product, first you should read and understand the labels as well as the instructions. Not only that, make sure that the product is safe to be applied to the types of marbles you have in your home. This is because not all kinds of marbles can be polished by one product or solution only.

Actually, scratched are easy to remedy. To treat superficial scratches, use a fine grit sandpaper. On the other hand, deep or serious scratches are ought to be sand many times just to get rid of the scratch. For deeper scratches, begin with a coarse-grit sand paper, continue the sanding then reach finer grit areas. Apply an ample amount of water to the block of sandpaper as needed, because it will help in reducing the level of friction thus preventing any possible damages to marbles. After you have successfully removed the scratch, get a 400 to 600 grit of wet-or-dry sandpaper to polish the marbles, or better yet, simply buy a good brand of marble polisher product and gradually wipe the marble floors with it.

Do-it-yourself marble floor repair or polishing can be an answer to your marble problem but keep in mind that for big damages you need to contact a professional. If you think you need to talk to an expert because you need an immediate marble floor repair assistance, simply contact the Marble repair floor Ft lauderdale now!

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Marble Restoration Ft lauderdale

Marble Restoration

Installing marble should be done very carefully and properly. Marble is chosen by many house owners because of the beauty they can provide. Marbles give extra class, beauty and undeniable elegance to your home. But in order to keep the marble beautiful, you will need to acquire professional skills and guidance. Marbles are soft and delicate stone and they need extra care and attention. To get this, you have to contact a professional company or marble cleaning service provider. A professional company possesses expertise when it comes to cleaning as well as polishing dull marbles. If you are unsure wit what to do on your dull marbles at home it is best to call a professional company for help. They can give new look to dull marbles or floorings. Aside from marble cleaning and polishing techniques the experts can provide, they can also repair cracks on marble and other severe damages that can happen to marbles.

Some of the professional procedures from a company are the following:

1. Marble Honing

It is an action done in order to remove all the visible scratches on the marble. This procedure is simply a gentle action hence you can always polish the marble surfaces right after this action. In polishing, you can wipe the marble with a clean and wet cloth.

2. Marble Polishing

This procedure is done to achieve the top shine effect of the marble. If you want a mirror-like effect on your marbles, polish the marbles regularly and every after cleaning. It is easy to get a polishing product in any local house improvement market.

3. Marble Sealing

This step is done in order to protect the marble surfaces from any damages. This is such a tricky job so it is advisable to simply contact a professional company and let them handle the marbles and seal them.


Basically, there are numerous companies around you and do not be fooled with their beautiful claims. The procedures in marble restoration is the only way to restore the marbles. Marble cleaning job should be done properly to remove all the stains and visible marks. Proper marble cleaning will result to top shine and smooth light reflective surface. Furthermore, correct marble cleaning procedures will definitely create deep long lasting finish.

On the other hand, serious damages on marbles like cracks and missing pieces of marble chips, hire the professionals instead of fixing them alone.

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Marble Cleaning Palm Beach

Cleaning Marble Showers

Marbles are the most precious stones that can be used in building a home or any property. They might be too costly but the beauty it can provide is actually worth it. It can make your room and any part of your home more beautiful, classy and elegant. Cleaning and maintaining the preciousness of marbles could be easy but not marbles in the shower rooms due to the consistent moisture present in this place.

Inside the shower rooms, you would definitely see some moisture, dirt and all sorts of stains accumulated in the drains. According to some marble professionals, most probably the shower room is the most hostile room or area in your home. Therefore, it needs proper cleaning techniques in a regular basis in order to keep the marble look fresh and fine.

marble polishing001 (23)  marble polishing001 (18)

Start by simply cleaning the marble stones in your home. You can do it by using some cleaning products good for marble stones but super dull marbles at home should always be treated by the professionals.

Basically, you can get the perfect results by obtaining the correct materials. Choose and use the right marble cleaning with neutral cleaner for natural stones like your marbles at home. Commercialized marble cleaning products certainly have adequate minerals content good for your marble stones. Though some marble cleaners are expensive you can have a choice to get a retail of it to any local retailer cleaning store.

Dilute some ounces of marble cleaning solution in a gallon of water. Put and apply the solution to the marble tops with the use of mop or a clean large-sized sponge. Dry the marble floors by vacuuming it or just use a clean cloth or rug. However, keep in mind that depending on the type of your marble stones at home, stronger solution might seriously damage your marble. In this case, making an effort to identify and search for the most appropriate solution for your marbles at home is very important.

On the other hand, marble stain removal is not guaranteed when done through do-it-yourself hence hiring an expert for this procedure is required. Yes you may always use some products that can absorb the stains. But for stubborn stains, you really need to contact a professional company for it.  Also, stains due to rust and water spots should also be left to the professionals. Such causes of stains need proper surfacing methods in order to remove them effectively.

marble polishing001 (6)  marble polishing001 (4)

Molds and mildew in the shower room can actually remove by means of using some aggressive cleaning. The most appropriate technique for molds in the shower rooms is the professional sealer combined with anti-mildew additives.

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Marble Floor Repair Fort Lauderdale

Marble Floor Repair

Most of property owners are choosing marble stones in designing their homes, buildings and other establishments. Marbles are commonly used on floors. They can also beautify walls, kitchen, bathrooms and countertops. However, this kind of stone may become dull as years passes by. It can lose its natural shine and beauty when not properly maintained. Due to this fact, marbles should be take care properly in order to keep them beautiful and appealing. Good thing today, you can simply keep your marbles at home beautiful and good even without hiring the professionals.

marble-polishing (13) marble-polishing (12)
First, before you begin cleaning dull marbles at home, you have to make sure that the entire surface of the floor is free from dirt. This is important to avoid scratches. Marbles have sensitive surfaces hence even the small dirt could scratch the stone. You can simply wipe the marble surfaces but use a soft cloth. After cleaning the marbles in your home, it is best to polish the marbles right after to achieve better result.

You could find numerous products good for marble polishing. Through this, you can cover minor scratches and etch on the marbles. In addition to that, polishing adds shine and lust to marbles. Nevertheless, make sure to use the polishing product according to the instructions attached to it. Furthermore, be sure to use the suitable polishing solution ideal for your marble types at home because not all marbles can be treated with the same solution.

Basically, small scratches can be treated easily. But treating superficial scratches you need to use a fine grit sandpaper. Sometimes, marbles with serious scratches need to be sanded. Continue sanding and reach finer grit areas. Reduce the friction in sanding by simply applying small amount of water. After sanding, polish the marble floors to make the floor shinier and glossy. Use a good product and simply wipe it on the entire marble surface.

Simple do-it-yourself marble cleaning and polishing can make your marble look great and beautiful but always keep in mind that when facing big marble issues such as cracks and discolorations, you need to seek a professional marble restoration company. Always call a professional company if you need an immediate service. The experts always have the right tools and equipment in saving dull marbles. In addition to that, you can rest assured with the quality of their work. With their years in experience, they are really capable of doing marble cleaning, sanding, polishing and marble repair services.

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Marble Cleaning Fort lauderdale

Marble Cleaning Tips

There are numerous stones that can be used in designing some areas in your home. Basically, marble is mostly chosen by the property owners because it is very beautiful, attractive, colourful and shiny. Marble can be installed in the countertops, bathroom, floors and others. It looks so elegant when used in lobbies and entry ways. This specific natural stone can be in color white, green, and black. Thus just like the other materials you have in your home, it needs proper marble cleaning method to maintain its natural look and shine.

Regular cleaning of the marbles is basically a good idea but one thing that you should keep in mind is that, you have to be very careful with the solution you are going to use. Marble is a porous stone, due to this fact, it needs to be treated properly, carefully and immediately. Moreover, marbles are prone to acid so avoid cleaning agents with acid content such as vinegar. Spills of liquid should be avoided too. Juices and coffee could stain the marbles easily. If you are going to wipe stained marbles, be sure to choose a mild solution and safe to use. Do not use a white wax on marbles since it may only turn the marble yellow. Applying a marble sealer can protect it from stains. Dull marbles that no longer shines need to be treated with a commercial-grade marble cleaner and polish. Buy a good and trusted brand. If you apply strong chemicals on marbles it could only worsen the damages. Tin oxide can also get rid of any etches on marble surfaces. Simply, dampen a cloth and wipe it all over the etch. Buff the marbles to make them shinier.


For stained marbles, there are many chemicals that you can use. Stains due to spills of coffee, sodas, tea and other colored beverages can be clean by means of ammonia. Mix a few drops of ammonia with 20% of peroxide solution.

Put it on the stain with a soft cloth, and let it dry on its own. Then wipe the marble with a warm, damp cloth, and dry it with a towel. To treat oil stains on marbles, just brush it in. Use detergent to remove the oil stains.

Last but not the least, contacting a professional marble restoration company is the best option if you have problems to your precious marbles at home. They know what to do plus they have all the necessary things and technique in every professional marble restoration process.

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Marble-floors-01 (7)

Marble Restoration Fort lauderdale

Marble Restoration

Marble restoration is a process that includes cleaning, repair and polishing. It has become a common misconception that cleaning is the solution for a dull marble surface. In fact, a lot of homeowners hire professional cleaning services when they think their natural stone floor has already lost its luster.

Marble-floors-01 (5)

The nature of marble

First, it has to be known that marble is a soft stone compared to other types of floors like granite or limestone. Over time it becomes scratched and dull, and the shine and luster are gone. This is where the mistake begins; homeowners would think that the marble has collected too much dirt, requiring professional cleaning. What the stone really needs is some refinishing and polishing in order to restore the sheen it had when it was new.

What makes marble shine?

The surface of a marble floor can send confusing signals which in turn can mislead customers. Take for example a rough or scratched marble surface. The reflections from a light source can be scattered by the rough surface which would produce a flat and dull appearance. On the other hand, marble with a smooth surface would reflect the rays of light and produce a highly reflective, mirror-like effect. A simple example for this optical property is a lake or a pond. On a calm day, the surface of the calm water would look like a big mirror; when the weather is windy, the waves break the reflection. The point here is that a marble surface only needs to be smoothed or polished in order to make it more reflective or glossy.

Marble-022  Marble-001 (15)

The restoration of marble

The high gloss or deep shine that can be seen on newly polished marble is made possible by rubbing the surface with different levels of abrasives, beginning with coarse materials and moving to finer abrasives. The polishing process is comparable to sanding wooden surfaces. First the marble is rubbed with coarse or rough abrasive grit using an electric/mechanical floor polisher. This is followed by ever finer abrasives until the surface is completely smooth. The scratches start from deep and big ones which are removed by coarse grit abrasives, then the finer scratches are eliminated by the fine grit. The rubbing goes on until the scratches are invisible to the naked eye.

Marble-027  Marble-001 (13)

The shine that only professionals can achieve

To cut a long story short, the shine on the marble surface is actually caused by a super smooth surface as it becomes highly reflective. The gloss on the marble may be just an optical illusion but the overall effect is nothing less than spectacular. Marble restoration is a process that should only be done by professionals because it takes a great deal of knowledge, experience and special materials and equipment. The greatest benefit that a homeowner would get is that restoration covers all bases since the stone floor is cleaned and then polished. Most of all, the finish is guaranteed to last.

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Marble Floor Cleaning Boca Raton

Homemade Cleaning Solutions- How to Clean Marble

It is a fact that marble is a beautiful stone. It greatly enhances any part of your home such as the living rooms, kitchens, bathroom and bedrooms. It can be used as floors and walls. However, one misconception about this type of stone is that, it is indestructible. On the other hand, marble is such a porous stone thus can be stained easily. Do not use vinegar, lemon due to the fact that these ingredients contain big content of acid which is certainly bad for the marbles.

marble polishing001 (26)  marble polishing001 (20)

General Marble Cleaning for Bench Tops and Floors

1.  Use a soft and clean old cloth and with the use of warm water simply wipe the marble tops and stones. Air drying is something that has to be avoided since the marble stones are prone to get spots due to moisture or water. So it is better to dry them with the use fine and clean cloth.

2.  It is recommended to use marble cleaner products with neutral pH level. Though the product you will use has the right pH level and very ideal for any marble type, it is still recommended to mix it with an ample amount of water.

3.  For your marble floors, if marble floor cleaning product is not available, simply prepare any light liquid dishwashing paste or liquid and you can use this as your marble cleaning solution.

4.  On the other hand, you can prepare this recipe homemade idea for marble cleaning at home.

Prepare at least ¼ of fabric softener and a cup of clean water and spray bottle. Next is to mix these elements and put it in an empty spray bottle. Put some amount where you can spot some stains and simply mop the top or wipe with a sponge or soft old cloth.

marble polishing001 (17)  marble polishing001 (16)

5.  Another solution is the use of the baking soda. Simply mix it with water, stir until it turn into a paste form. Put some amount of baking soda to treat some stains on your marble tops. Then, cover it with plastic sheet. Let it covered for 15-30 minutes. Afterwards, you can gently wipe off the marble top. Rinse with water and dry. If you are not satisfied with the result, just keep on doing the steps.

Resealing the marbles in your home is actually can be done easily and it is like waxing the floors. There are products that can be purchased in the market. Definitely, cleaning the marble floors is a good idea for many house owners but if you think you can’t perform the do-it-yourself marble cleaning or if the materials are not available, just contact a professional marble cleaning company and let them assist you all the way.

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Marble Floor Polishing Boca Raton

How to Polish Marble

Marble is a nice stone that offers a true beauty and elegance when applied to walls, floors, countertops and etc. Actually, the appearance of marble is not far different from the appearance of granite but the way they should clean or polish is much different. Marble is a sensitive stone. Moreover, it is also porous. This kind of stone is prone to cracks and scratches. Plus, it can be discoloured easily due to some spills of liquid. These form of damages can be prevented through a sealant. Avoid using chemicals or solutions without proper knowledge about it because marbles react immediately when strong chemicals fell/dropped on marbles. By means of proper cleaning as well as polishing, your precious marbles at home will look natural and shiny again just like the first day you bought it.

If you want to keep your marbles at home beautiful and with stunning shine, below are some tips to follow:

1.  Get at least three tablespoon of baking soda. Mix it with one quart of warm water. Stir continuously until it turn out as a paste. Baking soda is a good solution, it is non-toxic thus highly versatile. Baking soda is not strong like the other chemical cleaners.

2.   Next, you can use a sponge or an old cloth. Dip it to the solution and gently wipe it on the entire surface areas of the marble. Dry it with another clean old cloth or sponge. Wait for some hours.

marble-polishing (12)  marble-polishing (11)

3.   Clean the baking soda solution. Use a clean wet old cloth, followed by a dry one. Do not use any product or marble cleaner especially if the solution has acid level. Always remember that anything acidic could certainly harm and damage your beautiful marbles. Vinegar is an example of acid, thus it is not advisable to use it as marble cleaner.

4.   Simply wiping the marbles with a wet sponge or soft dust mop in a regular basis is really a good way to keep the marbles shiny and clean. Remove the stains, dots and discolorations by means of proper marble polishing.

marble-polishing003 (15)  marble-polishing003 (14)

However, in case there are unexpected spills of liquids on marbles, make sure to attend on it immediately. Do not scrape any hard substances found on the marble. Be patient in polishing the marble floor. But if it is beyond your capacity, just let the professionals do the job. On the other hand, if you see large damages on marbles in your home, it is best to speak to a professional. Contact your local marble cleaner company and let them help you professionally. They are willing to assist you from start to finish.

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Marble Repair Boca raton

Marble Repair

Marble is a beautiful and precious stone. In fact, depending on its type, color and size, purchasing marbles can be too expensive. But, having marbles installed in some parts of your home needs proper care and cleaning methods to keep them natural and beautiful. Keep in mind that even marbles are stone they can become cracked and chipped. When marbles are frequently used, its grout becomes loose that could make the marbles chipped. Marbles are also prone to cracks. When some material drops heavily on the marble floors then the surfaces could be cracked. In this case, you need to get a professional marble repair service right away. On the other hand, small blemishes and imperfections in marbles can be treated by means of using a good polishing product, powder or tin oxide. Some of these products are available in any household improvement stores.

Marble’s extreme porosity is the reason why they are very susceptible to serious damages. Pieces of marbles that have broken can be attached with epoxy glue. Moreover, you can also choose to get a professional marble repair cement to stick the pieces of marbles and get them back into place. Basically, this is such a fairly straightforward method in fixing broken marble tiles. You just have to consider two important things in doing this. First, make sure that there are no excess glue. Second, be sure to apply it with enough pressure.

In case the broken pieces of marbles were missing, you can find any marble tiles but must be closely resembling the surfaces of the floor or walls. Marble repair should be done properly. However, if you cannot fix dull marbles at home, you can always contact a professional marble repair company for immediate assistance.

Marble Polishing Sweetwater Marble Polishing Surfside

It is very important to take care of marbles at home and use the right products and proper approach. In order to avoid problems with your marbles, you can take simple prevention tips. First, always keep the marble clean and remove dust by wiping them with clean cloth or dust mop. Avoid water or any form of moisture on marbles. Take care of any liquid spills that could happen. Protect the marbles on acidic substances such as vinegar, juice, coffee and sodas. When acid get contacted to marbles, it will only take few minutes and the liquid will begin to penetrate deep down to the pores of the marbles.

Next is to polish the marbles in a regular basis. This will certainly help sustain the life of the marble. Then after several years, it is also advisable to refinish or restore the marbles at home. There are kit that can be bought for over 100 dollars or better yet you can hire the professionals for this job.

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Marble Stain Removal Miami

Choosing the Right Cleaner for Marble Stain Removal

If you are looking for any solutions that you can use to remove stains on your marbles at home, then you have to be choosy. Using the most suitable solution for your marble type is very important to avoid severe problems in the future. Not all marbles can be treated with one kind of solution or product. However, you can treat dull and stained marbles by your own hands since hiring the professionals could be very expensive. There are some products that can be bought in the market but before buying them you have to be certain with their content and quality. It is recommended to hire the professionals than to use do-it-yourself cleaners if the damages are more than beyond your control and capability.

Before you conduct do-it-yourself marble cleaning job, it is important to determine the kind or the natural characteristics of marbles you are going to clean. Every type of marble stone has different level of porosity hence knowing its type is a big help for you to know the most appropriate procedure for the marbles in your home. For example, marbles with dark colors like green and black need to be treated with much comprehensive approach. Plus, they also need to be polished with a highly formulated product in order to achieve high gloss result.

marble-polishing (17)  marble-polishing (13) marble-polishing (3)  Marble

It would be easy for you to think of the best solution if you know the type and the characteristics of marbles you have. Always remember, you need to evaluate the product before choosing and using it because wrong treatment could only pose to serious stains and discolorations or even permanent damages.

Basically, the marble cleaners that can be bought in the market are only suitable for everyday maintenance, cleaning and polishing thus treating some minor etch or getting rid of dirt. Sometimes, the result do not last for a long period of time which means you need to use them in a regular basis.

Stain or spill coming from any king of liquid can stain the marbles easily. Example coffee, juices, oil, wine and tea. Spill of these liquids might cause discolorations to the marbles if not removed immediately. Liquids with acid should be avoided because acid is too harmful for the marbles. Due to this fact, do not use vinegar as cleaning solution for the marbles.

Use only a product or solution that is compatible with the type of marbles in your home. Moreover, educating yourself on how to handle marbles at home is basically essential in the first place. Observe proper daily maintenance to keep you marbles look natural and shiny at all times.

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Marble Restoration

Marbles are very beautiful natural stones. They are considered to be the classic materials in architectural design of kitchen countertops and on building facades. However, they are very susceptible to stains and damage, thus they need extreme protection to maintain their precious looks.

Worn out marble stones could be so frustrating that you could not anymore enjoy watching them. In this case, they need to be restored to their original flawless state by removing those horrible gouges, holes and stains. In restoring marbles, there are various services involved such as removal of etches or scratches, and restoring of damaged surfaces due to mechanical abrasions. Damage to marble products are sometimes not reparable and need replacement. So, in order for you to save the money you spent from investing in these costly products, hiring of professional is highly recommended.

Marble Polishing Hollywood Marble Polishing Hialeah Gardens

Marble restoration includes diamond grinding, wherein highly trained professionals can only do the job. There are marble restoration specialists from the Colonial company who can help you fix the problem in just one time. They have their own traditional process of restoration for over twenty years. They have a master technician who will conduct a chronological series of diamond grits and apply the polishing techniques to achieve the desired outcome. In this process, a large amount of water is also involved which could also damage the wood and carpets. Again, the company has highly trained professionals to take proper measures to keep the water to its minimum for property protection.

Flaming is also another component involved in marble restoration which only experts could do. Colonial experts will use a controlled burning of the stone in order for the crystals to pop, thus creating a very unique outcome. Another concern in marble restoration is the cost of service. Usually, the cost of marble replacement and installation is always higher than marble restoration, but the outcome is just the same. They will charge the job depending on the consumer’s desired outcome for each stone surface. In pricing, they will also consider the location of the stone that will be restored and the availability of water and electricity. You can actually ask the company for a free quotation of their services. You do not have to worry about the money that will be spent on this project if they are the ones who will do the job for you because they can assure you that your marbles will look like new again. Aside from that, instructions for long term care and proper maintenance will also be provided to avoid future need for restoration. The length of time needed to complete the job depends on the size and the customer’s desired finish. They can restore the stone area of 300 square feet for more than one day, regardless of the type of stone.

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Marble Cleaning

In stone care and maintenance, it is important to know first its geological classification as well as its composition to help you choose which cleaning products should be used to maintain its luxurious look.

Specifically, marbles belong to metamorphic stones in the calcareous category. It is a limestone that undergoes metamorphosis through heat and pressure. Natural elements that create colors and intricate veining were also added during the transformation process. There are marble cleaning specialists who have been in service for over 20 years such as the Colonial Floor and Stone Care company. They provide highly trained and educated experts who can work with utmost quality and always pay attention to detail. They are always there to help you in any marble stone services such as restoration, polishing, repair and cleaning. They can also make your marble flooring or countertops look spectacular again.

marble-polishing (16).marble-polishing (15)marble-polishing (12).marble-polishing (11)

If you really want to transform your old marble into a masterpiece, hire Colonial for marble cleaning services. They can guarantee you the best outcome you can never imagine. However, their services can be costly because the work will take some time and heavy labor, and their cleaning preparation is lengthy. Aside from that, the materials that they are using are extremely heavy but they will guarantee satisfaction while you watch your marbles become shiny and shimmering.

Marble Polishing North Miami Beach Marble Polishing North Miami

However, daily maintenance is still needed to keep the marble in its original quality. Just remember these two important things in marble cleaning: first, marble stones are soft, thus, they easily get stained; and second, never use vinegar or other corrosive cleaning products because these can damage the marble’s quality. In your everyday marble cleaning, use a soft cloth or microfiber cloth to remove the stains or the spilled liquids. Wet the cloth with warm water and dry the surface immediately using another dry soft cloth. You can also mop the dust using a soft cloth or microfiber mop. Use warm water to easily clean up the stains. In some cases, hot water is needed in removing the stains instead of warm water. You can also apply marble cleaners that can be purchased in the shop, but be careful when buying one because some cleaners contain corrosive substances that are harmful to the marble.

Dark liquids spilled on marbles should be removed as soon as possible especially when these stains are acidic. Orange juices, wine, tomatoes, soft drinks, coffee are some examples of acidic products that can damage your marble. In removing these kind of stains, never scratch them off. Instead, make a poultice, and put it on the affected area generously. Leave it covered with plastic wrap and tape for twenty-four hours before removing. The poultice will lift the stain out of the marble.

You should also protect your marble by putting some rugs on high-traffic areas or soft pads under the feet of your tables and chairs.

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Marble Cleaning Miami

Marble Cleaning

To keep your stone floor perfect and new, marble cleaning job must be done on a regular basis. Proper care and maintenance will preserve the beauty of your marble surfaces thus could certainly extend their life. Use warm water and your choice of a neutral cleaner, mild dishwashing liquid or stone soap. Just like any other item in your home, too much soap or cleaner can leave some marks on it. To avoid this situation, read the label and instructions on the product and simply follow them. For best results, use a clean rag or a soft mop when cleaning marble floors.

Cleaning marble in wet areas

Soap scum can be a problem in the bathroom. To handle this, just use a sponge in order to remove it. Use a neutral soap scum remover or a mixture of ammonia and water. Half a cup of ammonia is good for a gallon of water. Remember that too much ammonia can make the marble surface dull. To remove moss or algae in outdoor marble like the patio and pools, use mild bleach solution and flush it with clear water.

Marble-024  Marble-026

Use cleaners with care

Generally, there are many products offered by manufacturers for cleaning marble, but there are cleaners that can be harmful for marbles. Cleaning products that contain citric, acetic and other acids can cause etches and scratches. Scouring creams or powders can scratch marble surfaces because they contain abrasives. As a safety reminder, refrain from combining bleach and ammonia as it can create a lethal and toxic gas.

Like many marble care companies would say, prevention is better than repair so follow these tips to protect your stone surfaces, keep them beautiful and make them last.

Marble-floors-01 (1)

1. When using vacuum cleaners, make sure that the attachments made of metal or plastic as well as the wheels are not worn out. Otherwise they can cause scratches.

2. Place area rugs or mats in and out of an entrance to remove the dirt, sand, and other grime from shoes. They are abrasive to marble floors. Just see to it that the mat or rug will not slip to avoid accidents.

3. Use a clean, dry and untreated dust mop to remove the dust on marble floors. As mentioned earlier, dirt can be very rough on marble.

Marble-027  Marble-floors-01 (7)

4. In case of spills, get rid of them immediately perhaps with a paper towel or a clean cloth.

5. For marble countertops, use coasters to protect the surface especially from citrus juices and alcohol. In the kitchen, use trivets to keep the heat away from the surface.

If there are problems that seem too difficult to solve, contact a reputable marble cleaning company.

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Marble Cleaners

How to Clean Marble

Floors, countertops, walls or any other part of your home made with marble tiles or stone really give a distinctive look to your home. Nevertheless, the major problem when you have marbles at home is how to maintain them beautiful and natural. Marble is a kind of natural stone, it was actually formed through a high level of heat and temperature. Moreover, marble is incorporated with some natural elements that make them shiny, sparkling and brilliant. Dull marbles can be cleaned however it Marble Cleaners requires some cautions. Improper cleaning methods can actually reduce the quality of the marbles. But, keep in mind that along with the right tips and extra effort, you can really make your marble look beautiful and clean again. Below are some tips on how to clean marbles at home.

 1. In case your marble is affected by liquid spills, just wipe it right away. Use a clean and damp cloth. Clean it right away because the more you let the spill sit on the marble, the more stubborn it become.

 2. Always use a wet clean rag. Thereafter, you can buff-dry the marble with the use of a chamois cloth.

 3. In order to eradicate older or stubborn stains on marble surface, simply apply an ample amount of marble cleaner product. Choose a safe, mild, gentle and a product with neutral pH level. Avoid using strong chemical because it can only cause more damages on the marble. Do not use vinegar because acid is not helpful for your marble cleaning job.

 4. You can use a dishwashing liquid but dilute it with some parts of clean, warm water. Get a soft sponge and dip it to the solution. Clean the affected areas and buff-dry after with a chamois cloth.

 5. For extra shine effect, simply polish the marble with the use of a marble polisher product.

 6. Marble rust stains must be cleaned by means of any good rust stain remover. On the other hand, do not allow the rust remover to sit for several minutes on the marble.

marble-polishing (12).marble-polishing (11)marble-polishing (17).(A)

 7. To treat organic stains such as coffee, tea, soda and juice, clean it with a few drops of ammonia mixed with at least 20 percent of peroxide.

 8. On the other hand, if oil stains are bothering you, just simple put some absorbent fine powder on the oil. You can use corn starch or baking soda. Let the powder sit for at leats 24 hours. Then, removed and clean the powder with a clean cloth. After cleaning the marbles at home, polish them for an extra shine.

(B) marble-polishing (14)

In case your marbles at home are seriously damaged and dull, it is best to contact a professional marble restoration company and let them give you the right procedures for your marbles.

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Marble Polishing Bal Harbour

The Basics of Marble Polishin

Marble is a beautiful stone that can certainly add classy look and elegance to your home. It is chosen by many house owners as the main material in designing their home. But marbles must be maintained well in order to keep them beautiful and long lasting. Marble polishing may sound a difficult task because it needs to follow a complete process. Depending to the marble damages, marble polishing might require a level of skill and knowledge. Probably, you already heard some horror stories about how improper marble polishing can damage the marbles instead of restoring them and bringing back its natural beauty. In case you are not so sure with marble polishing job, it is best to contact a professional marble polishing company and let them help you from start to finish. The skilled professionals are well equipped with all the right tools as well as with the solutions in order to achieve the best look possible for your precious marbles at home. Moreover, the professionals are able to evaluate and determine all the factors that causes damages on your marbles. They can identify the specific type of your marbles at home hence could plan very well with what are the procedures needed to restore and save your dull marbles.

Basically, one of the reasons why marble polishing job can be a difficult task to others simply because the marble stone is such a natural stone. Marble is a soft stone and its surface is very sensitive. Marble is composed of some natural minerals and these minerals could possibly react negatively when exposed to some elements.

Generally, the marble polishing process may be differ according to the amount of traffic that usually takes place over your marble. Though you maintain your marble by regular maintenance, slight foot wear and small abrasions can still build up some damages over time.

marble polishing001 (18).marble polishing001 (14) marble polishing001 (6) marble polishing001 (1)

By simply doing proper and regular maintenance, you can prevent your marbles from any damages. Simply clean and keep your marbles free from dirt to reduce the chance of hiring the professionals that could eventually costs you a lot of dollars. On the other hand, still hiring the best marble polishing professional is the most correct and effective way to solve marble issue sat home. It is true that marble polishing job might be a tedious task and difficult process but if you think doing the marble damages in your home are serious then you should hire the professionals and keep those kits inside the cabinet.

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Marble Polishing North Bay Village

Marble is a very beautiful stone. In fact, this kind of stone has been very popular even during ancient times. Thus, today, still many people love this stone for their home. Many house owners are choosing marbles in designing their walls and floors. Marble surely add beauty and life to any place. Nevertheless, marbles are very porous and sensitive stone. Therefore, they need special attention and care in order for them to last for a long period of time. Cleaning and polishing the marbles need to be conducted accordingly and properly or else your marbles would suffer from several damages. Scratches, stains, etches, discolorations and other form of damages can make the marble look dull and unpresentable.

For minor damages, you can easily treat marbles y simply using a good marble cleaner product. Basically, you can find a lot of marble cleaner product in the market. But you need to choose and be sure with the product you are going to use. Wrong solution applied to marbles could seriously pose to a lot of damages.

 Marble Polishing Sunny Isles Beach

Some people think that vinegar can be a good marble cleaner solution but this is completely wrong. Always keep in mind that acid-based solution is bad for marbles because it can damage the marble surface.

In cleaning small marble imperfections, make use of a soft and clean cloth; a sponge is also advisable. Do not scrape the marble surface and use any hard materials on it. You can sweep the floor in a regular basis. Place some doormats on every door entrances, this will help to prevent sands accumulate inside your home. After polishing the marble floor, you can buff the floor for an extra mirror-like shine. Buffing the floor is actually optional, in case you do not have a buffing machine, you can rent one to a marble restoration company.

On the other hand, it is always best to contact a professional marble restoration company and let the experts help you with your marble problems at home. They have the right knowledge in conducting Marble Polishing North Bay Village job. They have all the tools and equipment to use for an effective marble cleaning job. Plus, you are rest assured to get a high quality service from them. Hiring the professionals might be too expensive depending to the level of marble damages, but the quality of their service and the assurance of their work is something worth paying for. Is The methods they offer is really far different from the do-t-yourself marble cleaning job.


How to Restore Damaged Marble Floors in Palm Beach

The Vast Experience of Marble Floor Restoration Palm Beach Experts

It is not surprising that the marble floor restoration Palm Beach industry has flourished since this stone is one of the most sought-after materials in building commercial and residential units. Actually, researchers proved that marble transpires in large deposits and is geographically extensive. This makes marble economically mined that produces millions of tons annually.

Marble is the top choice not only for building floorings but also for countertops and walls. This is because marble has three main characteristics, namely simplicity, beauty and durability. Even experts know that these three characteristics alone show that marble is a wise flooring choice.

While marble adds charm and beauty in any building, it can become dull after quite a while. Several external elements, like etching can remove the natural shine on the surface of the marble. Apparently, etching is the corrosion of the top layer of the marble due to exposure to harmful and stringent substances. Acid-based substances should not come in contact with the marble surface as they can cause etching. Alkaline-based substance like household cleaning agents can also cause etch marks.

Marble-floor01 (19)

Good to know, etching can be remedied. For cases of slight etching on the marble surfaces, special products offered in the market can be used. Just make sure that you pick those products that are specifically made for marbles. But for cases where etch marks look severe, it’s time to call a marble floor restoration Palm Beach specialist.

Marble-floor01 (21)

Restoration experts like us have the necessary skills and the right techniques, not to mention a complete set of equipment to handle any kind of marble surface problems. Obviously, you don’t want to have your marble worked on by someone who doesn’t have the expertise, as he will just worsen the damage. So if your marble is showing visible marks of wear, if it has lost its shine over the years, you don’t have to worry about it. Just give us a call and we will take care of the rest. We have been in the industry for a very long time, thus we have acquired an expanse of knowledge and experience along the way.

How to Find Experts for Marble Polishing in Boca Raton

Glistening Surface Offer from Marble Polishing Boca Raton Experts

A shiny marble is a sight to behold. Marble is a natural stone material that is highly demanded for flooring, wall or tile installation. It is an expensive building material, but because of its archetypal beauty, it deserves efficient Marble Polishing Boca Raton services from experts.

Polishing your Terrazzo floors require proper technique and right equipment. Despite its attractive appearance, unfortunately, marble is very susceptible to dullness. So if you want to make sure that your marble stones, marble slabs or marble tiles last for a very long time, it is high time to hire a floor polishing expert. These specialists can surely turn your dull marble floors into a shiny, shimmery surface!

The Importance of Polishing

The tiny scratches that have accumulated on the surface from day to day activities could turn a marble’s shiny and smooth appearance into a dull and rough one. This is why it is very important that you have your marble surfaces polished on a regular basis. Polishing marbles from time to time will not only reduce the appearance of the scratches, it will also help preserve the shiny finish of the stone.

Marble-floor01 (1)   Marble-floor01 (12)

Preventive Measures At Home

Some experts believe that there are some preventive measures you can do to preserve the beauty and life of any marble material. One is by immediately wiping off any stains or spills that come in contact with the marble surface. Another is to minimize exposing your marble surface to elements that may harm or damage it. And, the most important one is to avoid doing DIY polishing methods without the supervision of experts.

Marble-floor01 (27)

Marble polishing is a very intricate process that needs the skills and experience of Marble Polishing Boca Raton specialists. So if you have marble floorings, tiles or countertops that need a makeover, don’t hesitate to get in touch with a professional company that offers reliable and affordable marble polishing services. Only when you entrust it to experts will you be able to get the shiny and beautiful result that you desire.

Marble-01 (10)

How to Repair Damaged Marble Floor in Boca Raton Area

Marble Repair Boca Raton: Treat Your Marble with Utmost Care

Marble is a lovely addition to any establishment whether residential or commercial. Prolong the service life of your lovely marble flooring with proper care and maintenance. But sadly, as resilient as marble stone can be, daily activities can wear the shine off over time. Sometimes, unforeseeable mishaps can happen and break or chip your marble no matter how much you take care of it. For this, Marble Repair Boca Raton specialists can come to your rescue.

No matter how minimal or severe repair your marble stone needs, we can help relieve you of the hassle of doing it yourself. Marble is our expertise. There is not any marble problem that we cannot handle. The common problems our customers bring to us include the following – scratches, etching, lippage, staining, discoloration and breaking or chipping.

Marble is an investment that should be treated with care. It is important to know what appropriate measures should be taken so it would last for a long time. With our years of experience and dedication for the craft, we are knowledgeable and skilled to handle any problem you come across with. We have suitable equipment, apt for all types of repair that you’re going to need.

Marble-01 (12)   Marble-01 (6)

Because we are dedicated in providing only the best kind of service there is for our clients, our services are not limited to marble stone repair alone. We can also provide cleaning, polishing and restoration services as well. We can help you extend the life span of your precious investments. Let us bring back the elegance and beauty of your marble stone!

Make the right choice, call or visit us now, and we can readily provide a free in-house assessment and quotation for you. We can also give you tips on how to properly care for marble stone. Choose the Marble Repair Boca Raton professionals for all your marble fixes.

Marble-01 (14)

How to Restore a Marble Floor in Boca Raton Area

Marble Restoration Boca Raton: Your Unsightly Floor Will Be Restored

Marble Restoration of Boca Raton experts have the solution for your unsightly, aged and damaged marble floor. Marble flooring is well-known for being versatile in both exterior and interior spaces. This is why it becomes a popular choice for residences or business establishments. Aside from its versatility, it is also durable and attractive. You can also enjoy the wide assortment of colors and shades to choose from. What also sets it apart from other types of flooring is its feature of being highly resistant to bacteria. But along with these advantages, in order to maintain the glaze of any marble floor, polishing must be regularly performed.

Our company knows that due to the daily foot traffic that every marble floor receives, do-it-yourself polishing is no longer sufficient and effective anymore. And through the years, a few little accidents may occur such as acid spills from beverages, foods that may cause staining, scratches from heavy objects being dragged, improper cleaning methods and so many more mishaps that can diminish the beauty of your marble floor.

Marble-01 (5)   Marble-01 (7)

This is where we come in! We have been in the marble polishing and restoration business for so many years now. Our edge in this trade is our highly experienced personnel, equipped with ample knowledge, and state of the art equipment. We strive to provide 100% quality services for our clients whether regular or new. This is our commitment – we don’t just perform our tasks but we take care of our customer relationship as well.

Marble-Flooring (2)

Do not settle for second best, choose the experts, and choose us! Let us revive the beauty and elegance of your marble floor! Extend the lifespan of your flooring by availing our Marble Restoration Boca Raton services. Give us a call and get your free in house estimate and consultation now!

Marble-Floor (3)

How to Refinish Marble in Boca Raton Area – Marble Floor Maintenance Boca Raton

Marble Refinishing Boca Raton: The Benefits of Marble Refinishing

Refinishing of old and deteriorated historical building and monuments, landmarks, business enterprise or items in the home is a common international practice. There are protocols and recognized methods set forth which are to be followed to perform the task. Apparently, damages can be due to acid rains, careless maintenance, corrosion, natural calamity, heavy usage of paints or protective coatings or nature’s elements over a period of time. So specific procedures, scheduled cleaning, or inspections must be performed on a regular basis to ensure that the stone retains its original value. And one of this is by means of Marble Refinishing of Boca Raton.

Marble-Flooring (8)

We at Colonial Floor & Stone Care will give you some vital information about refinishing:

What is Refinishing?

It is the process of honing of dull, once- polished marble tile, granite floor or limestone and walls. Refinishing allows one to completely revamp any marble surface or recondition the existing worn out surface into a piece of work which mimics the aesthetically pleasing state of a new tile . Moreover, it costs a fraction of what it would have cost in terms of replacement. It would remove all the colors, swirls, cracks and scratches present on the tile.

Benefits of Marble Refinishing:

1.  It reduces the cost of replacing the item.
2.  In the long run, it would save a lot of money.
3.  Can obtain the desired result at low cost.
4.  Removes the faults and restores the shine.
5.  Takes out the rough edges and other deformities.
6.  Gives an elegant atmosphere (especially in hotels, offices and other establishments).
7.  Enhances the decor of the room.
8.  Reduces your effort (this service if provided professionally by our company at competitive rates).

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While refinishing marble floors, it should be ensured that the nearby items are sufficiently protected so that they are not damaged in any way. It is the first step taken by professionals like us.

Special tools are used which include high grade refinishing equipment The process is so detailed that even the rotations of the equipment has to be monitored and adjusted to clockwise or counter-clockwise in order to ensure that the “slurry” will remain behind the machine. Take note that slurry is a useless by-product of this process which is removed and vacuumed before proceeding to the next step.

Our technician ensures that the corners are polished and not just the middle portion of the marble so that the corners will not produce an uneven finish. Moreover, a special kind of powder is used for this.

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Over-Polishing is a No-no

It’s best to consult a floor care specialist to do the job for you. We make sure that the surface is not over-polished because over-polishing may result to a dull vane and an orange peel finish. It’s evident that the entire Marble Refinishing of Boca Raton process is intricate that requires experienced hands like us at Colonial Floor & Stone Care. Just contact our numbers and we are ready to give you a FREE Estimate.